Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Long Lost Nana

Hello All,

I have been a very busy Nana! Since I met John, we haven't stopped. I help him when he does flea marketing. I have made scrubbies and potholders for sale, and have done quite well.

In the photos of the potholders the background is a square blanket I made for Romeow. He likes it best when I place it on the chair I use to crochet in.

I started helping John by volunteering my services to WINK TV, and have met several of the people there. The Chief Meterologist, Jim Ferrell, is my favorite. He is a very nice man. Taller than what I thought.

I took a photo of him on my phone at the Hurricane Seminar held in my hometown. Now I have to figure how how to get it emailed to me so I can add him to my blog!!

I have started designing another doily for publication. I have 9 rows completed so far, and it is looking very well.

That's about it for now... Until next time!

Hugs, Nana

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