Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday 1/29

Today is Monday and I had a fairly good day, with the exception of the battery going dead in my truck. Went to the Clubhouse in the park, found Ricky our Grounds keeper and Maintenance Person. Rick had jumper cables and helped me get the truck started. Next door neighbor, Don, also helped.
Both doctor visits were good... nothing exciting to report.
Today I received a long awaited sunflower doily from my friend Joy Ketter. It is
absolutely beautiful.
In one of the groups I belong to, 'Rock-a-Beady', we had a mystery beading challenge using my latest design, Gathering Fans. I'll have to post a photo later as it is drying.
Went out to my oldest sister's, Evelyn, whom I call 'Sister', to show her the crochet magazine with Winter Solstice in it.
I also found out that my brother-in-law, Joe, is planning to sell Grandma's house and is giving me first choice. I really want this house. It's 2 bedrooms and has property that is worth more than the house. Heck, the land is worth more than what I'm paying for the whole deal. Wish me luck! I've got to get the money...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another Day

Here it is Monday again! I've been negotiating with a client to make her a blanket for her new DIL's wedding in March. It will take 96 squares, 8" each plus the border. I'd say about a week to complete it if I have time.

Talked to my friend Nancy who went to So. Carolina for about a week. I certainly don't envy her as it is cold and wet up there.

Tomorrow is doctor visits with Dr. Asperilla, diabeties, and Dr. Ruggeri, heart/diabeties. Will let you know results.

Holiday Hugs,

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Gathering Fans

Last week I was bored and decided to create a small doily. I came up with this one that I named Gathering Fans. This doily was made specifically for a beaded crochet-a-long in a group I belong to. You can see my version "Neon Fans" in a future post.

Winter Solstice

Recently I designed a doily that was published by "Hooked on Crochet" by Annie's Attic. Below you will see a photo of that doily. I can't tell you how exciting it was to have this doily published. It was the first one, and, of course, the most exciting thing to happen to me. I have always wanted to be published.

I recently heard from the publishing company that they needed more doilies. Of course I can accommodate them!